Hello, Avi here, this week we got a chance to have an interview with Cartier Dave from Two9, we cover: what to expect from them in 2016, Firehouse US, background of Fatkidsbrotha and more, read it all below.


  1. how did you get involved with two9? how did you meet jace, curtis, ceej?

“Well me and Mac11 are actual brothers, we were in a group first, we were going out passing out CD’s and shirts and shit, and then we all used to meetup at this spot called Ginos, and that’s when mac11 met with curtis, curt said he’s got some beats, then he started hanging out with curt and Key!, then we went to some wild ass party, after that, Curt said he knew jace and ceej, and jace had this crib back in 2009, we started going over there recording and that was the start from there.”



  1. what can we expect from you guys in 2016?  

“Right now were working on a Two9 album, and then me and Mac11 are working on two projects right now, one were aiming at dropping later summer of 2016, and then Jace tape dropping Febuary 29th.”


  1. describe firehouseus?

“That’s some shit Mac11 came up with, it’s a confinement shop, you know, like if you wanted to sell your supreme, you can give it to us and we sell it for you, and then it’s also taking off as it’s own brand, we have t-shirts, we did a picture tee, with Mac11 and Ceej on it, but really it’s just a confinement shop.”


  1.   Hows that doing?

“It’s doing pretty good, like people be fuckin with it.”


  1.  How has fashion influenced your music?

“Um well just being from Detroit, at least for me, being from Detroit, i always see people wearing Cartier, so like i just had to get me a pair, my first piece of Cartier jewelry was like a love bracelet, then i broke that shit, it’s a long story, then i got the glasses too when we signed a deal, and that’s just for me, i like jewelry and accessories, but brand wise i fuck with Preme, it’s like a lifestyle brand, you can have Preme fucking shoes, hats, rings, you know, anything, so that’s why i fuck with Preme, i know Mac11 loves Bape, he’s been wearing Bape forever like since highschool, you know Lil Wayne and everybody were wearing it so he’s always been in that culture, the street-wear culture, like we rap about it, because that’s what we got on, so that’s all we know.


  1.   Are you getting anything for the Spring/Summer 2016 Supreme drop?

“yeah of course, i get stuff every season.”


  1.  Who do you think will win the super bowl, panthers or broncos?

“Panthers, because Peyton Mannings is old as hell, he’s not ready for that defense, he’s gonna have to have some pocket protection.”


  1. Any upcoming concerts? tours?

“Um not at the moment, like were lining up stuff, so i can’t really announce anything, but nothing is really set in stone right now, we’re thinking of a Fatkids tour in the summer.”


9.what was it like filming for world gone crazy? having all the boys in one house?

“It was actually at Curts house, he directed the video too, he just said lets do this one shot video and will look dope, so it took us ten tries to do the one shot video, it’s literally one shot he didn’t stop recording, it was either someone fucking up a verse or something went wrong until we got it perfect, it was fun though.”


  1.  what was your favorite visual to film for? and why?

” my favorite video to film for was NWA a couple years back, we was literally on some guerrilla shit, we were working with this cameraman named Mike and Andrew, it was their first ever video, and they were some skateboard kids, they used to skate at this abandoned building, so we found the abandoned building, and it was infested and shit, the environment was crazy, but the video came out so dope, it’s one of my favorite videos.”


  1.  So the name Fatkidsbrother, i know you guys are brothers but who was the fat one?

“Actually it’s like fatkid’s (apostraphe), we were the fatkid’s brother,it’s a metaphor really, we were using it like, so the middle kid in the family is usually the one who wants more attention, the most strive, and the fat kid, the younger kid, usually gets everything handed to him, so we were basically saying that is who we are, we had that hunger to get the attention and get ahead in life, instead of getting everything handed to us, and it sounds cool as hell.


  1. Do you regret dropping out of school? what would you be doing if you weren’t rapping?

       “I actually graduated from High School, but college, really, no,  i got this corporate ass job right out of school, so i was fucking with that for 4 years, and i was doing music at the same time too, during the starting of Two9 when i had that job, then i got fired from that job, after i got fired, we made Eastsideparadise I and forever the moment i got fired, after that I’ve never has a job since.


  1.  Why did you get fired?

“It was some stupid shit haha i ain’t gonna lie, around the time i was gonna get fired, i was showing up to work late as hell because i was just so engulfed with music and shit so i was kinda like fuck this job anyway, the reason i thought i got fired was i worked at this car dealership and we had some old ass cars, so i took a radio out of one, and i thought they caught me on camera, but i got fired for some technical shit, it was some dumb shit.”


  1.  what’s it like having a daughter and being a rapper? does it hold you back from anything?

“Honestly i think it makes me go harder, i have two daughters, they just push me to just do for them so they can have a better life growing up, you know what i’m saying? but i actually like it, i love it”


Well thanks for your time, i hope to see more of you in the future.

“Yeah no problem, thank you.”


You can checkout Fatkidsbrotha on soundcloud at or on twitter @FAT_KIDS_BROTHA, just for sure don’t be sleeping on these guys when you next stumble upon them.



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