flatbush3001The FLATBUSH ZOMBiES finally released their debut album: yet why am I wanting more? All in all the album is fundamentally sound. By t

he books it should be fantastic. Number one on iTunes on its release date? Amazing. There is just one thing missing: the grime that made the rap group who they are. Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely do like 3001: A Laced Odyssey. ‘Bounce’, ‘R.I.P.C.D.’, ‘A Spike Lee Joint’, ‘This Is It’, and ‘Your Favorite Rap Song’ are all very strong. The more I listen to the project, the more it grows on me. The beats are on point, and the lyricism is definitely impressive. Erick The Architect is a fantastic producer and rapper, Meechy Darko brings the hard-hitting lines, and, well, Juice is Juice. However, it just seems to be missing something. It feels too polished to be a Flatbush album. ┬áTheir previous projects have been fantastic. Maybe they decided to play it safe and make sure their debut was a commercial success. Maybe they are moving away from their dark gritty past. Either way,I hope they become more comfortable when releasing music and go back to the style they used to put out. Is it worth the purchase? I think so. My expectations might have just been too high, because it really is a decent album.

3001: A Laced Odyssey can be purchased through iTunes, and is also available on Spotify and Tidal.



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