JK the Reaper is a talented up and coming rapper with an influential story behind all his work.”I am not a rapper, I’m a superior being. Rap is a joke, I am not.” JK really raps about true shit that he lives rather than just pussy money and weed like most rappers, he doesn’t try to flex on others. In our interview we talk acid, upcoming tour, Fang Life and even a book he’s writing, you can read it all below.

Alright so first let’s start with your name, what does the JK in your name stand for? Any meaning behind it?

“Everyone thinks it stands for ‘Just Kidding’ or ‘Not a joke’ haha it’s really my initials. I came up with my rap name at 14 years old, I wasn’t that creative, the story of my name is not flame haha, I was JK the Rapper, I went on the internet and saw a lot of people had the name JK in their rap name so I figured I had to add something, I didn’t want to be boxed in as just a rapper, so I changed it to the closest thing (Reaper). At the time I was into some dark shit, listening to Raider Clan and shit, I changed my name to JK the Reaper, It was the biggest name change without really changing my name.”

Describe fang life.

“Bro Fang Life is crazy, they’re like my family, those are like my real brothers on some North Carolina shit. When me and my homies were young, we all made music but we were all separate cliques, like cliques the world will never know about because we were so young and had no fans at the time. We all rapped but we were like ‘Yo why are we all repping different shit? It doesn’t make sense.’ So we came together and we tried coming up with a name for months and we just couldn’t agree, so eventually we would just start mobbin and say ‘Fuck a name’ that just became our slogan, that turned into Fuck a Name Gang and we realized if you abbreviate that it spells out Fang and we just ran with it and they’re my family.”

Who/what inspired you to rap?

“My dad man, my dad is a DJ, he raised me into this shit literally since birth, I remember I couldn’t even do my homework or play my video games because my dad had his turntables in my room and he would blast music. I was on some computer geek shit and I had this program called Magix Music Maker, I don’t know how I got that shit but I just had it and one day and my pops wanted me to try and rap, I don’t know where that came from, I think one day I told him I could rap better than 50 Cent or some shit and he told me to ‘Go spit some’ I was like 9 years old at the time and I replied ‘No I can’t rap in-front of you because I don’t wanna curse’ my dad just said ‘Let that shit out’ he put on a beat, I recorded over that shit and it just went from there.”

So does he support you?

“Yeah man, my dad still DJ’s too, he just got baptized and is a Jehovah’s witness but he still bumps my shit, that nigga is happy as fuck. He brought me up into music, for his son to become a rapper, have fans and to tour around the country, in his eyes he’s like ‘damn that’s my sperm rapping on that stage’ My pops really fucks with me he’s super supportive.”

Do you have anything planned out to drop in 2016?

“Yeah I’m working on Digital Tears my album of course, working with some crazy people on that but aside from music I’m actually writing a book, all my merch, everything, is coming out in 2016, I have a short film I’m working on that goes along with the book.”

What’s the book about?

“It’s a fictional story about my life, It’s about an entity named Syph that follows me around, the name of the book is going to be called The story of Syph and Zaida  and it’s about this entity that follows me around that isn’t from this realm. It’s gonna be a crazy story.”

So I saw an interview you did while you were on acid, has acid influenced your music in anyway?

“Man acid influenced everything for-real, honestly I kinda overindulged, acid is my wife haha like I’ve done it so many times I don’t think it will be mentally safe haha. They say once you do it about 7 times you’re clinically insane and I’m way beyond 7 times, but Digital Tears is all inspired from my trips, have you ever done acid before?”

Any crazy stories to tell while you were on acid?

“My first time doing acid by myself, I was in Jacksonville Florida, I was on tour with Denzel and Joey Badass, I got acid from a fan but I didn’t take it till after the concert, it was like 3-4 o’clock in the morning, I took it on the ride back to the hotel, my manager, Denzel, everyone went to sleep, that’s when the tab started hitting me and I just had to get out of my room, I was loosing my mind. I go to the front desk and ask the lady ‘How do you get to the beach from here?’ so she tells me and I walk to the beach early as fuck in the morning and Jacksonville is hella sketch, crackheads and shit are just walking around and I definitely shouldn’t have been walking around alone, then the tab hits me fully. the crackheads/homeless are morphing into zombies and I said to myself ‘I gotta get the fuck outta here.’ so I run full speed to the beach, I get there and I just sat in the water looking at the stars with all my clothes on, then I got a negative feeling and thought I was going to drown so I run full speed to the hotel and get into the lobby, the lady at the front desk was looking at me all crazy and I totally forgot I was tripping at that point, I look down and I had seaweed hanging out my shoes and shit, I was leaking water, basically I looked like I was from Sea World or some shit haha.”

So if you don’t mind me asking haha, who do you plan on voting for in the 2016  presidential election?

“Oh Man haha motherfucking Bernie man. I stopped being into politics a long time ago but this shit got me trippin, I don’t really want to get into it but honestly I think this political race is being ran from memes and shit, but like honestly I think Bernie is our only hope compared to Trump, the world we live in is crazy.”

What’s the story behind the tattoo on your neck?

“Like I said, this Fang shit is really a brotherhood, the way we look at it is that we’re the new age pharaohs of this land, this pyramid is our pyramid, we built this shit, everyone in Fang lives under the oath of the pyramid, I realized I’m the face of that shit and so I had to represent it, so I got it on the middle of my fuckin neck so everyone who sees it has to ask me what it’s all about, it’s also like a metaphor, it’s over my voice-box, they see what I represent before I even say anything.”

Any more tattoos you plan to get?

“Yeah i’m about to get fuckin yatted aha, I don’t know if you know about Dragon Ball Z but I’m about to get the Kamikaze Ghost on my forearm, shit’s gonna be crazy.”

You grew up in North Carolina, correct?


Has growing up there influenced you in anyway?

“You have no idea man. I’m part of a town called The Lost North, they call it that because there’s a part of town where everyone gets lost, there’s a bunch of trailer parks, it’s country as fuck. I was always looked at as being the weird kid growing up for real. North Carolina is fucked up, the system is fucked up, there ain’t no scene, nobody is putting on, there is no hope, but I love my city.”

Do you have any upcoming concerts or shows?

“I’m about to do this ULT 2055 tour with Denzel, Allen Kingdon and SDotBraddy. Other than that I’m just laying low in my cocoon waiting to blossom on you mothafuckas hahaha. This underground shit is not where it stops I want the whole fucking world bro haha.”


How did you meet Denzel Curry and Allan Kingdom?

“I haven’t met Allen yet, I remember he followed me on twitter and one of us DM’ed each other I can’t remember, but him doing the Behind The Scenes shit really got me interested in him, Denzel put together the ULT 2055 tour and told me he’s putting Allen on the tour too and I’m like ‘Oh shit man that’s lit!’. I met Denzel over the internet actually, he linked me up with SpaceGhostPurrp, Denzel hit me up over facebook, we talked about rap shit like Tupac, we made a song without even meeting. Denzel is one of the most genuine people I know, he used to call me every single day to make sure I was straight. I met him in 2013, we got booked for the same show in California and saw him at my hotel sitting in the lobby and he was turnt up, it was like seeing family, his aura is insane, he’s hella positive.”

What’s it like working with him?

“He’s like a mad scientist, he can’t sit still, but somehow he just has these ideas. He’s an untamed talent.”

Okay so last question, is there anything advice you want to give to our readers?

“I would tell them to embrace the world, go to the bottom see what’s going on, I want you all to excel. Not much people know this about my music because of my image and shit but I pull a lot of research on behind the scenes shit, what I want them to do is learn who’s doing what and why, don’t just judge someone. When you watch a movie and like it, don’t just judge it based off the actor, find out who wrote the script and who the director is, lastly get this money and fuck all this underground shit, everybody is poor, bitching and crying, go become a young entrepreneur of what you love and do that’s all I gotta say while I’m on the spot.”

Be sure to stay up to date with Jk on twitter @JKtheReaper and check to see if he’s coming to a city near you while he’s on tour with Allen Kingdom, SDotBraddy and Denzel Curry, also make sure to follow @SENPAI_MAG on twitter for more interviews.



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