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Solomondagod is an up and coming rapper coming out of Florida, previously working with Spooky Black (Corbin) and Allen Kingdom we can assume he’s doing good for himself, recently dropping Blue-Green-Yellow  and The Red EP all in under a month he’s really been putting in some work. Checkout the full Senpai interview below where we talk about Acid, Anime and what to expect in 2016.

  1. Okay first let’s start with your name, what does the name SolomondDaGod mean? What’s the story behind it?

“To be honest the name just kind of popped up in my head and at that moment I just thought that that’s what my name should be, but ever since then I’ve just kind of been on this path of finding out who I am and who I am specifically as a rapper. My name means growth and that’s what I represent.”

2. You grew up in Palm Beach, Florida correct?


  1. Has living in palm beach impacted the direction of your music?

Um, yeah definitely I wouldn’t say that it impacted it in the way of like how somebody from Texas or New York or LA would be influenced in the scene that they live in, I would say it impacted my music in the way like there’s no set sound where I’m from as in like a set way of being for people. Everybody just kinda does what they want that’s where my freedom as an artist comes from I make so many different types of things and I wouldn’t say I’m going to ever settle for a particular sound as far as beats go but you know it’s me when you hear my voice.”

4. Yoshi thompkins and Denzel curry have all been some big names coming out of Florida. Is there a sense of unity among the of southern rappers hitting the scene?

“In a way there is, I haven’t met all the dudes personally, I’ve met a couple of them but I haven’t met like all of the top guys from Florida but I know from people that I know connect with these people that there’s a connection it’s just not a connection in a way I guess Atlanta or something like that, everybody isn’t together and we don’t all meet up, we’re not all cool as fuck, but we know about each other and we all kinda fuck with each other’s music and it’s kinda like we just wish the best for each other and whenever we do cross paths we do, that’s kinda how it is out here.”

  1. Where did you get the inspiration for Blue-green-yellow?  Any meaning behind the title?

“ I went about that tape with the concept of creating my own world like really portraying to people like giving people my life through my music, the things I do, the places that I go, the places that I stay and all that shit, everything is blue and yellow, and how I take it in and how I make my life better through out all the other things that are around me is what I consider to be green, that’s the concept of that,  all the songs have what i guess you could say is a broad concept, some have a really strong concept about certain points in my life. That whole tape is basically about how I changed in the last year.”

6. What’s it like working with spooky black (Corbin) and Allan kingdom?

“To be honest me and spook, when we worked on that song, we were really cool like he was my dawg and shit like that, but we wasn’t as close as we should have been, I was in a really weird place at the time so I didn’t really talk to too much people too much at the time but we were cool, he fuck with me and I fuck with him, he was a fan I was a fan and it was a cool experience. Allan kingdom same shit, he’s a cool ass dude he’s real for one and he’s one of the realist people who are on the come up right now as far as I’ve met and that dude is one of the realist artists, I think that guy’s gonna be a legend on some like John Lennon fuckin like one of the biggest artists ever in the game type shit.”

7. Can we expect another collab with spooky (Corbin) or Allen anytime soon?

“I can’t really say if that’s gonna happen or not, all I can is that when you see me take off more than where I’m at right now, you’re probably going to see me working with them more because those are the people that I like. Those are the kind of people that when I start doing a lot of different types of things that I’m not doing right now in this moment, I’m probably going to be round them as I do them.”

  1. Do you plan on making an appearance to a Florida show when Allen’s on the ULT Tour with Denzel?

“To be honest I have no idea where the show is, do you know where it’s located?”

9. I think it was somewhere in Miami

“I probably will show up, I’m for sure going to show up to the $uicideboys show.”

10. You and Drip-133 came together on a few tracks. Can we expect you collabing with anymore TeamSesh members?

“I have no problem working with them and I’m sure they have no problem working with me, it’s just an issue of us actually reaching out and that doesn’t happen much between me and teamsesh people. It happened a lot when I first met Drip because Drip is like the whole reason I got anywhere with my music in the first place, but I don’t really talk to those dudes like that, I fuck with them all, they’re cool, I’ve been cool with them and I’ve been saying they’re cool people but we don’t really talk too much for me to say if imma work with them or not.”

11. What can we expect you to come out with in 2016?

“I just dropped The Red EP and Blue-Green-Yellow, so for right now I don’t have any plans to drop anything else other than some features with people that I can’t really say right now, but other than that I’m just really more focused on doing shows and merch, a huge thing I need to focus on and do this year is to become more interactive with my fans.”

12. In your opinion do you think you’ve broken the barrier of being an underground artist? Is this just the beginning?

“See now I fuck with you, I fuck with what you just asked me, musically I definitely have already broken the barrier of being an underground artist, I don’t make what would be considered to be underground music at all, but like, I wouldn’t say that I’m not looked at as an underground artist but I definitely don’t make music as one, I can say that.”

13. If I’m not mistaken you like Anime correct? Still watch it?

“I like anime, yeah”

14. So you watch it?

“Yeah, all the time, I’ve been watching it for awhile”

15. Has anime influenced your music in anyway?

“Yeah, anime characters in specific and their story lines behind like what they need for a certain story in anime, those influence me how I make the bars I write, I’ll reference myself with an anime character so much and if people listen to my lyrics as much as I listen to my own lyrics as I write them, I’ll reference girls in my life I mean I reference myself to other anime characters and I reference girls in my life to anime characters too and how they play a role to the main character of that anime”

16.  Alright last question, what’s been the craziest experience you’ve had while tripping?

“Oh damn, I guess my craziest experience was when i was on mushrooms, I took about 2G of shrooms with Wifisfuneral, David Young and a couple other people, we took the shrooms in a condo in Miami, after we took the them we went to a show that Wifisfuneral was performing at and I was tripping hard as shit while performing, I don’t suggest anybody to do shrooms period because it’s poisoning your body and because it makes you feel like shit, but I performed at the show feeling like I was going to die, It was a crazy experience.”


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