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Williams is a rapper coming out of Atlanta, signed with EarDrummer Records and previously working with some of the biggest name’s in the music industry he’s definitely someone you shouldn’t sleep on. During the interview we talk his new project Danco SZN, expected to come out on Cinco De Mayo (May 5th),  chopping the mop, Atlanta and more, read it all below.

Alright so first off describe what TWO9 is.

“Some nigga’s from Atlanta, we’re ratchet as hell but creative as fuck.”

Describe the groups within TWO9.

“It’s me (Curtis William), Johnny (Mac11), and Dave (Cartier Dave). Those two make up FatKidsBrotha (FKB). Then Ceej and Jace make up Retro Sushi. When we all come together we makeup TWO9.”

What’s your reasoning for being independent compared to FKB and Retro Sushi?

“There’s no real reason why. I never told myself I was going to be in a group or I wasn’t going to be in a group. I just do my thing and go with the flow. I’ve done a lot of collabs and shit with Key! and OG Maco, but I just like being in control of my shit and not have to worry about anyone else, and them not worry about me.”

How did you get the idea for the music video World Gone Crazy?

“Really I just got the idea from my crib with the way the song sounded, no hook and kind of like a cypher feel. I thought we should just film it there in the crib where we just kick it everyday and just do exactly what we would usually do– that song kinda explains what TWO9 is. The house helped us a lot with everything. We all lived there, ate there, fuck bitches there, everything you could ever imagine, so why not film it there? The whole one shot idea was to keep the energy more organic, natural, compared to having to edit it, and do different takes.”

Would you consider yourself the face of TWO9?

“I wouldn’t consider myself the face of TWO9, but I could understand why people would consider that. There’s really no face to TWO9.”

Alright, let’s talk about Danco SZN, would you compare this project to any of your previous work?

“I would say Danco SZN would be like if Half Forgotten Daydreams and Danco James had a baby pretty much [Laughter].”

Any big names on some tracks?

“Honestly there aren’t too many features, but on the production side of it, I worked with MikeWillMadeIt, YG Beats, Sonny Digital, Lex Luger, and GTA. I got a lot of tight ass producers on it but not too many people featuring. There’s probably like one song with features on it.

Did you produce any tracks for your project?

“Not on Danco SZN but on Godspeed I’m doing about 50% of the production. There might be some beats that my nigga Soldado might have made, but I’ll add some things and send it back to him. Lex Luger and I have collabed. I’ve been real heavy on my production/producing shit. Then I’m also producing a lot of shit for Key! and Jace.”

When were you thinking of dropping Danco SZN?

Cinco De Mayo (May 5th), I like to call it Danco De Mayo.”

What’s a normal studio session like?

“We usually got me (Curtis Williams), Key!, FKB, Jace, and Johnny up here. Gunner taking pictures while all of them just be banging. We’re just in here having a good time making music. We’re drinking and smoking, letting shit happen you know [Laughter]?”

Who got you into rapping?

“One of my home-boys, his name is Zach. He was a skateboarder and shit. What got me to start rapping was that we would make these little skate videos, but we just never had something to use them for so I would make beats to go with the videos. So that’s what started me getting into it you could say.”

Has fashion influenced your music in any way?

“Nah, I would say music influenced my fashion in a way maybe though. I watch how certain brands move, and I use the same way they move like how I put out music. I don’t do premiers or shit, everything just goes on my Soundcloud. For example, I guess it’s kinda like Supreme. They sell all their shit in only their store, so I’m only going to put my music on my Soundcloud.”

What do you like better, Bape or Supreme? Why?

“I like Fuct better, so I don’t even know how to answer the question [Laughter].”

What was it like growing up in Atlanta?

“Fire. Tight as hell. Fun as shit but also a roller-coaster of mixed emotions.”

Thoughts on the violence?

“There’s a lot of talent, passion and creativity, but then there’s also a lot of hate and poverty. There’s a lot of negative shit and competition; people be getting killed/fighting each other over situations that aren’t even worth taking it that deep.”

Coming out of Atlanta, did you guys get much support from your city?

“Yeah it took awhile though. We had to really show improvement. We just went one hunnid. We really fucked with the city and the people out here People actually know me out here. We never tried to make us seem larger than the city, but instead we made our-self a part of the city. When you do it that way, people have no choice but to support you.”

What’s it like working with Riff Raff, Wiz Khalifa And OG Maco?

“With Raff we just really partied and had fun. The song that we did (Drip) we didn’t even record it in the same studio at the same time. We did a session together a little bit later. Recording with OG Maco isn’t too crazy [laughter] because he’s like my brother so we’ve worked a lot already. The sessions are very fun, and we get a lot of shit done. Working with Wiz was very surreal because Wiz is one of my favorite rappers and one of my biggest influences. Being able to not only meet him, but for him to say he fucks with me was huge. Being able to do a session with him was fun as hell. I felt every type of way. I was geeked standing out, but then at the same time, I realized that I actually might be onto something. Besides that, it was a fun ass session. We were drinking and smoking our faces off [laughter]. We had some nice looking women in there. Ceej was with me, and we were just vibing out. Lowkey it was a party with a microphone.”

How long did it take you to grow out your hair?

“Probably 3 ½ years [laughter].”

Do you have any plans to keep it growing or will you chop the mop?

“Hell no. I’m never cutting my hair. Ever.”

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

“A year from now I want to be purchasing my first home, doing some epic shit. Also I want to be headlining my first tour and having niggas opening up for me. In a year, I don’t want to be worrying about rent or car notes. None of that shit.”

Alright so last questions, if you could work with anyone who would you work with? Why?

“Music-wise I would like to work with Pharrell That’s my main goal. And then someone like Terry Richardson (photographer). I want to do a sheet with Terry Richardson.”



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