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Nell is a rapper based in Miami. Currently serving time in a penitentiary, his rap career has been put to a halt or at least some say. Nell has served 16 months in jail with still 3 months to serve with good behavior. While incarcerated Nell spends most of his time writing poems and raps, doing what he loves. In this interview we talk with Nell about his incarceration, upcoming projects, Raider Klan and support from the outside, read it all below.


Describe who you are and why people should know you.

‘“I am my legacy, a legend, you understand [Laughter]? I’m before my time. People should understand who I am and really get to know what I bring to the music industry because I have such an impact reaching out to the people that lame listeners don’t understand. I do certain things that people don’t touch in today’s music industry. People should know me because I’m an icon. I’m something that would mold the music industry into something that it is today.”

Where are you from?

“I am from Miami, Carol City, Florida.”

What was it like growing up in Miami?

“Honestly, I always had a good family to back me so I never came up in a ghetto, but I was within the ghetto. It was very hard coming up around those elders who were under the influence or like gang members. I always had to deal with getting into fights; peer pressured into being under the influence. I caught on too early into that fast life.”

Growing up there, has it impacted you much? How so?

“Yes most definitely- If I wasn’t from Miami, I wouldn’t have the stories to tell you today.”

What was it like being in Raider Klan?

“Honestly, it was some of the best moments of my life and some of the worst moments of my life. In all honesty, I love my Raider Klan days. Raider Klan was the peak in my career. It was actually what started me to my stardom. It helped me a lot, brought me a lot of composure and self-confidence.”

What are your thoughts on the Spaceghostpurrp and Denzel Curry beef?

“Honestly, I think it’s very neglecting to the music industry. Those are two people who came up together and now they’re lashing out at each other. We were all once friends, actually we were more like brothers, and I think the drama could be squashed but they’re just looking past that. It just doesn’t have to be bigger than it really is.”

If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been incarcerated?

“Well now, since this case, I’ve been gone 16 months.”

Is there anything you’re allowed to say about your charges?

“I mean honestly my charges were just like old charges like a concealed firearm, a little grandtheft. They put all those charges into one with violation of probation too.”

When is your release date?

“My earliest date is June 24th, 2016.”

What’s the first thing you plan to do when you’re out?

“I plan on touring. We’ve got a few shows planned out.”

Being incarcerated, do you think it’s changed you as a person?

“I don’t think it’s changed me as a person, but I feel like it humbled me. It made me want to think about what I do before I do it and to really strategize my moves.”

Will you still pursue your career of being a rapper when you get out, or will you just stick around the rap industry?

“Nah, rap is my main focus right now. I’m going to be doing that for the majority of my days. I’m going to be really focused on my music because all I’ve been doing is writing lyrics/poetry since I’ve been incarcerated. Rapping is all I want to do right now.”

Growing up, did your parents support you with pursuing a career with rapping?

Yeah, I’ve always had my parents support. They were always with me, looking out for me, bought me stuff that I needed to make sure that I was happy at doing what I loved to do. So yeah, I’ve always had their support.”

Have you been writing any lyrics during your time on the inside?

“Yes I have. I have multiple records, mixtapes and albums. My first album that’s going to come out has been created through penitentiary walls.”

Do you have any specific dates to when those are going to come out?

“No, not specific dates but I can assure you that they are coming very soon.”

What was it like working with Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis and Denzel Curry?

“It was like a dream. These were guys I didn’t really think they would be who they are today at first. At first, we were all just young guys doing what we love to do, but for them to evolve into something so major, it made it just that more exciting to have those references, to have those numbers I could contact. It was very life changing and inspirational to the youth, and I like being an inspiration as a teammate, as a person, as an icon. I loved it. I had a lot of fun working with these guys.”

What are your thoughts on all the support coming from the outside? Has that impacted you at all?

“Honestly, I feel like it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s them keeping me out there, keeping me relevant to the city, keeping me posted, letting me know that I’m still relevant to the music industry. There were a lot of days I was incarcerated and I would have to worry that when I get out if I would have to try and get my buzz back/regaining those fans and they stuck around the whole time letting me know that they haven’t went anywhere and that they’re waiting on my return. They showed a lot of love to me and I appreciate every single one of my fans.”

Alright so last question, is there any advice you would like to give to your fans?

“Yeah man, I would tell them to stay humble, stay loyal to their friends and their family, and keep their head on straight man. Stay in school and stay out of trouble, jail is no place for anyone. People tend to make jail something that is cool and fun to do, but it’s really not. It’s very depressing and very time guzzling . You could be doing so much better with that time than just wasting it away– that’s what jail is for, wasting your time. Stay out of trouble, stay in school, get your degree, and be something in life.”


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